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The delegate of the Minister of Housing, Guillaume Kasbarian, announced at Mipim in Cannes ten measures to simplify spatial planning procedures, shorten deadlines and reduce costs in the context of a deep construction crisis.

Some of these measures will be the subject of decrees ” in the coming weeks“Others will be incorporated into projects or proposed laws in the coming months,” the minister promised at a press conference.

Bill for middle class housing until June

legal project” for middle class housing“, including a sensitive reform of the Solidarity and Urban Renewal Act (SRU) on social housing quotas” until June » for the first reading test « before summer » at one of the two gatherings, Guillaume Kasbarian promised.

So far, the minister has proposed ten measures, essentially technical, with the aim of starting ” five simplification projects ».

In the housing crisis we are experiencing, it is important (…) to be present alongside those who are suffering”, said Guillaume Kasbarian during the International Market of Real Estate Professionals (Mipim) in Cannes.

These measures include shortening the deadlines for filing appeals against building permits and the deadlines for investigating these appeals, which, according to the executive, would make it possible to reduce ” up to 10% of ground transport costs“. These measures will pass legislation.

Support the electronic submission of building permits

The minister also hoped that stakeholders would be able to act more quickly in case of refusal of building permits in stressed areas.

He promised to speed up the digitization of zoning decisions by requiring more legal entities and experts to submit building permits electronically.

Other technical measures must simplify planning procedures and relax rules allowing construction within the existing subdivision.

The president of the French Building Federation (FFB) Olivier Salleron welcomed these measures with freshness. ” Nothing new under the sun“, he criticized at a press conference shortly before the ministerial statements. ” We have been asking this for three years. So if we take three years to have any free measures (…), I will not tell you the state of the building and employment in three years.

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