Here’s how to use a survivor’s pension after the death of a spouse

When the employee dies, the surviving partner may benefit survivor’s pension. This financial assistance represents part of the pension that the deceased received or could have received before his disappearance. Only the spouse or ex-spouse of the deceased is eligible for this application. To qualify, you must meet two conditions:

  • Be at least 55 years old when the missing person worked in the private sector or was a civil service contract employee.
  • Have gross annual resources of less than €24,232 for an individual and €38,771.20 for a couple.

Please note that this age criterion does not apply if the deceased was a civil servant.

Right preserved in case of remarriage or new commitment

It is necessary to specify that even if the surviving spouse starts a new life after the death of his partner, he remains entitled to this allowance.

Amount of survivor’s pension

A survivor’s pension is awarded even if the spouse disappears before reaching retirement age. It varies depending on the status of the deceased:

  • 54% of the pension of a contractual employee of the civil service or an employee of the private sector,
  • 50% of the civil servant.

However, the amount of this pension must not be less than 348 euros per month, if the person in question has contributed at least 60 quarters during his working life. In addition, the monthly ceiling is set at 1,043.28 euros.

Key points to remember about survivor’s pension

In summary, it can be said that a survivor’s pension is a financial aid intended for the surviving spouse of a deceased employee, whether he worked in the private sector, as a contract employee or a civil servant. It partially compensates for the loss of resources related to the disappearance of the spouse.

It basically depends on age and resource conditions the right to a survivor’s pension is preserved even in the case of a new union. Its amount varies depending on the professional status of the deceased and can reach up to 1,043.28 euros per month.

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