Google is planning massive layoffs of 30,000 employees in favor of AI

The technology company Google plans to lay off up to 30,000 employees. This means approximately 6% of the total number of employees within the prestigious advertising sales division. This radical decision comes in the context of the growing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at automating and optimizing operations. While this strategic direction reflects Google’s desire to innovate, it also raises serious concerns about algorithms replacing human jobs.

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Google’s restructuring plans with AI

According to a recent report, ad sales executive Sean Downey has discussed plans for a major restructuring of the sales team. Without explicitly mentioning massive layoffs, his comments hint at an imminent overhaul of operational strategies, dictated by the increased integration of AI technologies. The primary goal seems to be to target the advertising business, in line with Google’s wishes. It’s about using artificial intelligence to achieve efficiency. Several analysts estimate that 30,000 positions are likely to be affected.

The controversial use of AI in advertising and customer service

In recent years, Google has invested heavily in conversational AI, launching products like Google Bard and Gemini. In early 2023, the company also unveiled AI-powered ads that aim to provide advertisers with a “natural language experience.” According to Google, increased automation should help optimize marketing campaigns while improving ad personalization and performance.

However, HR professionals are concerned about this strategic direction. They fear the massive replacement of employees by chatbots and algorithms, especially in advertising and customer service. If it comes to fruition, the plan to lay off 30,000 people at Google would send a strong signal that AI-enabled efficiency gains are prioritized over social impact.

The announcement of these potential massive layoffs raises a major debate about the balance between technological innovation and social responsibility. If AI contains certain opportunities, its integration must be done in an ethical and measured way. This takes into account the effects on employment. Google and the tech giants therefore find themselves at a crossroads. They either prioritize short-term economic performance or place human considerations at the center of their model. Time will tell which direction wins.

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