Ethereum: Donald Trump is getting rid of much of his ETH

Donald Trump is not hoarding, he is selling his cryptocurrencies. In fact, he just sold more than half of his holdings in Ethereum. Arkham Intelligence, learning of Trump’s recent ethereal movements, made the revelation. Details!

Photo of Donald Trump, Ethereum logo

Trump sold 1,075 ETH

Donald Trump, former President of the United States and author of three NFT collections (the last of which was published in mid-December 2023, the second in April and the first in December 2022), would have approx. $5 million in ETH, according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. The irreplaceable tokens launched on its image have largely contributed to the creation of this great cryptocurrency jackpot, members of this organization elaborate.

Looks like Donald Trump is selling his ETH.

before 3 weeks, started sending ETH to Coinbase after months of accumulating Trump NFT royalties. His maximum balance was $4 million.

Based on deposits, sold 1,075 ETH so far for $2.4 million. »

In a recent publication, The Block passed on the data from this tweet from Arkham, which highlights the latest movements of Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio. The ex-POTUS appears to have parted with more than half of his Ethereum. Knowing that Arkham Intelligence valued its treasure at $4 million.

The 1,075 ETH sold by Trump was worth $2.4 million at the time of the tweet. But when we looked at CoinGecko, we noticed that Ether rose by 4.8% in 24 hours. Trading at $2,397.12 per coin at the time of writing, all the ETH sent by Donald Trump to Coinbase is worth $2.57 million.

How much ether does it actually have?

Arkham Intelligence and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics Which of the two institutions is correct? In fact, Arkham claims to have taken information from Donald Trump’s December Financial Statements. In addition, he managed to identify that these ethers have been present in the cryptocurrency wallet of this real estate tycoon since August.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington also confirms that he is also the manager, president and secretary of CIC Digital LLC and has $4.9 million in Ethereum. It should also be recalled that CIC Digital LLC, like The Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump himself, could be the manager of NFT INT LLC, the company responsible for promoting Trump’s digital trading cards.

However, we can read this on his official website:

NFT INT LLC uses the name, likeness and likeness of Donald J. Trump under a license paid by CIC Digital LLC, which license may be terminated or revoked in accordance with its terms. »

Note that Trump’s latest NFT collection, the “Trump Digital Trading Cards,” the one released earlier this month, generated $119,100 in trading volume between December 17th and 24th. Apparently people love it.

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