Crypto: what price for Solana in January 2024?

Solana has left his mark in 2023. So what can you expect in January 2024?

Solana ready to leave in 2024?

We can never say it enough, but 2023 was a special year for Solano. As blockchain continues to evolve, 2024 could be even more interesting. Moreover, unlike certain blockchains such as Bitcoin, Avalanche or Ethereum, activity around the same coins or inscriptions does not contribute to increasing transaction costs or reducing the scalability of the chain. After hitting a high of $125, SOL saw a return to $100. At the time of writing, the token is trading around $107.

So as we get closer and closer to the change of the year, here is the price that Solana could reach in January 2024. To make a price prediction, it is important to consider a number of factors such as development, use cases or on-chain activity on the blockchain. While analyst Michaël van de Poppe expects a more significant retracement, Changelly specialists are betting on an ever-increasing SOL.

The minimum price of the token is expected to be $103, while its maximum price could be close to $130 ($128.91). For the monthly close, we could expect a price close to $117. This would therefore represent an increase of 11%, which is a rather calm development for SOL.

Solana, more interesting than Ethereum?

The increases that multiplied on Solana did not leave investors and those interested in cryptocurrencies indifferent. In fact, because the altcoin’s annual increase is almost 1000%, while Ethereum (ETH), for some its competitor, is “only” up 97%.

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In addition to sometimes taking advantage of Ethereum in terms of trading volume, Solana is also piqued by Google’s curiosity. Because searches for “Solana” surpassed searches for “Ethereum” for the first time. Its price explosion, Saga phone price speculation, and BONK’s incredible performance are clearly unrelated to this trend.

source: Twitter.

Ethereum just needs to watch out and probably will have to watch out for next year’s SOL. Especially since, in addition to demand for the ETH ETF in the spot market, there are rumors of a Solana ETF once the Bitcoin ETF is approved.

Moral of the story: Solana still has a way to go, but she’s already made a name for herself among the big boys.


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