Crypto in France: 10% of the population uses digital currencies

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In 2023, cryptocurrency adoption will explode in France. According to a report published by ADAN, it affects 10% of the population. This is the second study carried out by the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN) in collaboration with KPMG France and IPSOS France.

Cryptocurrency adoption France
A small reminder of the cryptocurrency adoption rate in France in 2023

Cryptocurrency Adoption Up 18% in France

In 2023, the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in France will prove to be a significant phenomenon. The results of ADAN’s second annual study show p a significant increase of 18% in the number of holders compared to 2022.

This remarkable figure highlights the rapid evolution of the French mentality towards digital assets. Young people, especially those aged 18-35, are leading this financial revolution. It now represents 17% of cryptocurrency holders in France.

That’s not all ! These numbers also reflect the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life The French. This signals a major shift in the perception and acceptance of these new financial instruments.

Cryptocurrency adoption in France: What are the preferences?

Bitcoin remains a favorite crypt of the Frenchwith an impressive 64% market share. However, the analysis of investor preferences also reveals strategic choices in acquisition platforms.

Binance is emerging as the leader, capturing 39% of transactions. Coinbase finds itself in second place with 28%. Revolut finished third with 20%. These figures highlight the diversity of investor choice in France. They also highlight the growing importance of exchange platforms in the crypto ecosystem.

NFTs on the rise

Another notable aspect of cryptocurrency development in France is the rapid rise of NFTs. While 4% of the French say they own NFTs in 2023, this figure is double that of the previous year. At the same time, knowledge of NFTs increased significantly: from 15% in 2022 to 39% in 2023.

The rapid development of the crypto landscape in France reflects a fundamental shift in the way the French view new forms of investment.

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