Crucial Level in Ethereum (ETH) Pushes Investors Towards BONK and Promising Pullix (PLX)

Ethereum (ETH) is showing signs of weakness, but there are mixed signals as whales continue to accumulate impressive amounts of ETH. Meanwhile, investors and crypto enthusiasts are watching BONK and Pullix, two cryptocurrencies ready to spice up the holiday spirit with a hundredfold profit. Here’s what you need to know if you want to start 2024 green.

Ethereum Price Correction: A Chance for Whales?

Over the past five days, ETH has fallen approximately 1.25%. While this may seem like a big drop, this drop has actually created an interesting movement among the big players, the so-called “crypto whales”. In fact, they took the opportunity to buy more ETH.

So could this be their way of signaling a potential reversal in Ethereum? In any case, this is definitely a point to watch out for.

But here’s an interesting twist: while these whales are busy hoarding, Ethereum’s overall trading volume has plummeted. This suggests that the investment community is not that active at the moment.

Still, some whales confidently added over 100,000 ETH worth $230 million. This renewed activity by crypto whales, coupled with the increase in Ethereum supply held by the largest addresses, suggests that they may know something that the rest of us don’t yet understand.

However, there is a catch. Ethereum’s MACD is showing a bearish crossover, indicating the possibility of a new short-term downtrend for ETH. This is why investors are now interested in other promising cryptocurrencies such as BONK and Pullix.

BONK price prediction

A trader recently turned a $16,000 investment into a staggering $10 million thanks to the meteoric rise of crypto Bonk (BONK). This sudden growth followed BONK’s recent entry into major industry exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

Over the last month, the value of the BONK meme coin has soared by 300%, and has seen a phenomenal 21,000% increase from its all-time low reached in December of the previous year.

These numbers are very impressive and have made BONK one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023.

Finally, when it comes to BONK price prediction, sentiment remains bullish, although the market is very volatile. Some believe it could reach $0.00004 in early 2024 if momentum remains strong.

Pullix (PLX): promising pre-sale

Pullix offers a hybrid platform that uniquely combines the security of centralized systems and the flexibility of decentralized finance. This approach solves the lingering liquidity and security issues that have long plagued DeFi enthusiasts.

Pullix is ​​currently in phase 4 pre-sale at an attractive price of $0.046. Remember the astronomical rise Bonk experienced after entering the major stock markets? Pullix may experience the same growth trajectory.

Pullix is ​​not a token like any other; It is the world’s first “Trade-to-Earn” token, redefining how you interact with cryptocurrencies. As a PLX holder, you don’t just hold a token, you draw on the platform’s daily earnings. Plus, there’s no need to go through the KYC process because you can use your crypto as collateral. And if you’re interested in passive income, staking your PLX can earn you up to 18% annual interest rate.

To wrap it up

All in all, the Pullix presale is rapidly gaining momentum, progressing through phases, with early investors enjoying gains of up to 580% by the end of the presale. With robust predictions and solid fundamentals, it’s no wonder that Pullix can follow in BONK’s footsteps and reward its backers with over 100x profits, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024.

Find all information about Pullix:

Official Site – Pullix Community


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