Connecting CeFi and DeFi? launches on Product Hunt

Ce-DeFi. The cryptocurrency sector is undergoing a true transformation of its original operating model. Adoption and Implementation Dynamics a accessible and secure environment Web 3. And its true meeting point is the intersection of CeFi and DeFi. A connection whose cornerstone could be the project. The latter has just been officially listed on the top innovative projects discovery page, Product search.

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Bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi

The current period is one of harmonized adoption in the sector cryptocurrencies. Because the first users were already there, p risks and technical issues associated with this state of digital explorers. Now is the time to enter this race the best assistants possible.

The goal that the browser extension tries to achieve. That in the form of a secure gateway between centralized financing (CeFi) and its decentralized version (Call). With special emphasis on ease of use her services.

“ aims to bridge the gap between CeFi data and assets and all dApps. This is a browser extension designed to connect to your CEX like Binance or Coinbase and facilitate interaction with your assets there (…), while maintaining DeFi values: self-management (CEX access keys) and DeFi UX through a browser wallet. »

Support on Product Hunt

And in order to make its offer known, the project decided browse the Product Hunt box. Reference page in the field technological innovationwhich aims to get the projects with the most votes to the first place on its home page.

Support on Product Hunt launches on Product Hunt

Opportunity take part in this adventureDuring visit page dedicated to And why not “give a little support by upvoting and commenting”.

THE the current awakening of the cryptocurrency sector poses the crucial question of choosing the best tools to participate in the next bull market. The goal at the heart of the development of the extension, which aims to build a “more transparent and interoperable crypto world” between CeFi and DeFi.

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