BRICS: Five new countries have officially joined the organization

During its recent BRICS summit, it proposed a number of countries to join the organization. These countries are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia and Argentina. The other state rejected the offer. A proposal that the other five officially accepted.

Flags of the first five BRICS member countries

BRICS officially integrates five announced members

It’s official. On the first day of 2024, the BRICS officially expanded, welcoming five new countries. BRICS now includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia.

This development is a logical continuation of the official invitations addressed to these states during the alliance’s annual summit in 2023. It is the first expansionary effort in the bloc’s history. That, despite Argentina’s withdrawal, he initially invited.

In addition, it is above all a historic moment for the organization. The latest BRICS expansion dates back more than a decade since the group of countries decided to co-opt South Africa.

BRICS expansion is therefore fundamentally strategic. It underlines the permanent growth of a group of countries whose influence on the global geopolitical scene is growing stronger.

BRICS officially welcomes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia

A vitally important BRICS expansion

BRICS expansion, interpreted through the prism of geopolitics, has a significance that cannot be underestimated. This choice is in fact in line with the alliance’s multipolar goals in a geopolitical context particularly marked by the westernization of the globe.

And it must be said that the new geopolitical order required by BRICS leaves no one indifferent. Because the alliance is facing growing interest, especially from nearly 30 countries that want to participate in the next wave of BRICS expansion.

According to reports leaked a few weeks ago, the alliance’s expansion efforts are expected to continue into 2024. The group of countries is working on plans to integrate six more countries at the next annual summit to be held in Russia.

If we don’t yet know anything about the countries affected by the BRICS expansion plans, this trend shows one thing. That the importance of the alliance on the global geopolitical scene is increasingly recognized. The chessboard he wants to push through a common currency that could involve cryptocurrencies.

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