Bitcoin: Coinbase, Kraken and other crypto firms plan to sue Craig Wright for perjury!

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As part of his COPA lawsuit, the so-called father of Bitcoin discredited himself by voluntarily redacting the content of a Bitcoin white paper. As this trial, widely watched by the crypto community, draws to a close, Craig Wright could be seeing red as COPA, an alliance formed by Coinbase, Kraken and other major tech companies, is planning a counterattack.

Craig Wright, Bitcoin's Alleged Founder, Targeted by COPA

Alleged Bitcoin Founder Sanctioned for Fraud?

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) intends to sue Craig Wright, who claims to be the founder of Bitcoin, claiming rights in this capacity. The organization said it plans to call on British prosecutors to investigate him for perjury.

In fact, COPA believes that in order to prove that he is indeed the author of the title he claims, Craig Wright falsified evidence. Worse, he lied even during the trial, when he was supposed to be under oath.

However, Craig Wright is not the founder of Bitcoin. He presented evidence during the COPA trial “irreversible” who demonstrate it. Evidence that, according to Jonathan Hough, COPA’s lawyer, unequivocally refutes his claim.

It remains for the verdict of the British judges to determine who, COPA or Craig Wright, is right. What is certain is that the implications of the future ruling could be significant for Craig Wright in terms of credibility.

COPA exposes the lies of Craig Wright, the alleged founder of Bitcoin, and plans to prosecute him for perjury

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Towards the definitive destruction of Craig Wright’s actions?

“harassment”. This is the word COPA used to describe Craig Wright’s repeated legal outbursts. The attitude he exhibits against a background of false accusations and fraud.

COPA, which includes influential crypto players like Jack Dorsey and major crypto firms like Coinbase and Kraken, wants to put an end to that. That is the point of the proceedings they are considering against the alleged founder of Bitcoin.

In any event, the organization emphasized its commitment to condemning Craig Wright’s fraud. But above all, to take possible legal measures to prevent him from further harassing members of the crypto community by pretending to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

As the trial draws to a close, separate groups of Bitcoin network developers and Wright’s legal team are preparing their closing statements. Judge James Mellor’s ruling should put this controversial legal battle to rest for good.

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